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Name and address of the recipient (You)
Bank name / Bank address
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  1. After DRAGONFLY GALLERY receives the amount paid by the buyer, it will issue a Delivery Order for you to deliver your art, which will be collected at your address for said delivery.
  2. After confirming the collection made by the Carrier, DRAGONFLY GALLERY will make the payment by sending your amounts to the Bank Account registered by you in this Form.
  3. DRAGONFLY GALLERY is not responsible for any mistake made when filling in your bank details. We recommend the maximum possible attention.
  4. DRAGONFLY GALLERY recommends that buyers add an insurance value to cover transport risks (breakage or loss) in transport.
  5. WhatsApp Support :
    (+225) 09 78 54 30
    (+225) 51 95 31 44
  6. If your work is approved to be exhibited at DRAGONFLY GALLERY, you will receive our confirmation by email.
  7. The length of time your work stays at DRAGONFLY GALLERY will depend on the demand it has over time. DRANGONFLY GALLERY is responsible for keeping his work on display or not.